Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cricut Imagine Tags and RGB Codes

The other day I saw a video at My Pink Stamper showing tags that Robyn made from the colours and patterns on the Imagine cartridges.  The very first project I did when I got my Imagine was using the Stampin Up RGB codes (google it there are lots of blogs with lists of RGB codes).  I used 2 1/2" squares from the stock shapes and using the RGB codes I created all of the Stampin Up colours.  If you don't know how use the RGB codes.  There is a square that is multi-coloured between you stock colours and the cartridge patterns.  Click on it and the colour wheel will appear and if you move the pointer around on the colour wheel you will see the numbers to the left changing.  RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue.  Adjust the numbers to make the colour you want according to your RGB Code and Apply.  I wrote the name of the colour on the front of the tag and on the back I wrote the RGB code

 A while back I saw a video on Youtube showing these tags showing the Imagine colours and patterns.  I really like that I can see all of the patterns and colours side by side.  It hooks perfectly inside the case.  Check out the video here .

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Kerry~Momma K


girlia said...

Great Idea

Tara said...

Great are making me want an imagine lol